What is Paida Lajin method of Chinese self healing medicine?

Prasanna Kotamraju
Answered 1h 41m ago

There is an inherent ability in the human body to repair and heal itself through self-healing power. The immune and self-reparatory functions are part of our self-healing power. Paida Lajin is an ancient Chinese method for such self-healing. Practicing Paida Lajin boosts the vital life energy and blood flow, and ... Read More

Why do adult children hurt their parents without realizing their true love?

Prasanna Kotamraju
Answered 1h 46m ago

Once a parent is always a parent. It is the natural instinct of a parent to correct the behavior of the child and put them on the right track, and always think about the welfare of their child. The problem starts when they continue this even after the child becomes ... Read More

What will you do if you find a girl being teased by a policeman and you are alone there?

Prasanna Kotamraju
Answered 1h 53m ago

"Anatomy is destiny, " wrote Sigmund Freud. This quote encapsulates the implications faced by taking birth as women and the way women are perceived by men due to their physicality.We have been hearing about eve teasing and physical molestations of women happening around every corner of the country round the ... Read More

Is it true that Aadhar is no longer needed for your mobile sim, passport, license etc.,?

Prasanna Kotamraju
Answered 2h 0m ago

"Aadhar is no longer required for various schemes and services run by Government until further orders" -- says the Interim Order by Supreme Court of India. The five-judge bench, headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra, has passed this order on 14th March.According to this order, Aadhar linking is no longer ... Read More

Which is the largest dowry given so far in India?

Prasanna Kotamraju
Answered 2h 5m ago

Dowry is one of the shameful social evil that has taken thousands of lives and tarnished the self-respect of lakhs of women in India. Dowry which started to provide a security to women has ended up as a penalty for giving birth to a girl child.People who are well off ... Read More

How was money introduced into the world?

Prasanna Kotamraju
Answered 2h 15m ago

In the beginning, people bartered. Bartering is the exchange of goods or services for some other goods or services. The exchange items included bags of rice, wheat, cattle, sheep, pigs and so on. Barter system worked like this, take one bag of rice in exchange for one lamb.But after a ... Read More

What is Modi Government's Swachh Bharat mission?

Prasanna Kotamraju
Answered 2h 21m ago

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, also known as the Clean India Drive, Clean India Mission or Swachh Bharat Campaign, is a campaign that has been launched by the Modi government in order to make India a thoroughly clean and sanitized country. Mahatma Gandhi famously stated “Sanitation is more important than Independence”, a ... Read More

What is the role of language in our life?

Prasanna Kotamraju
Answered 2h 28m ago

Language is more than a means of communication. It is used all over the world and every single minute. Not only when we talk, read, and write even when we socialize, we drive, we trade everywhere we use language in one form or other. Every aspect of our life involves ... Read More

How can you stay healthy during fasting?

Om Sharma
Answered 2h 51m ago

The festive season is on and many of you must be fasting these days. However, things take a troublesome turn when we compromise with our health in the rapture of devotion. Therefore, it becomes very crucial for all of us to take care of our health along during fasting.Light Food ... Read More

How can Indian prisons be made secure?

Om Sharma
Answered 2h 54m ago

That depends on whose security you’re referring to here – the security of the prisoners serving time in these prisons or the security infrastructure of the prisons in ensuring that no prisoner can escape and no subversive element from outside can illegally get access to an inmate inside the prison.Prisoners ... Read More

What are the different types of LED available?

Prasanna Kotamraju
Answered 3h 25m ago

LEDs (Light emitting diodes) are very widely used in today's electronics equipment and they are ruling the world's display technologies today. LED's are used for much electronic equipment. Mostly they are used as panel indicators on televisions, radios and other domestic electronic and industrial equipment. There are different types of ... Read More

How do you think apps have changed learning?

Om Sharma
Answered 3h 24m ago

When I was studying, the only way to get important updates regarding my studies was to reach school/college and get in touch with the teacher. This used to devour hell lot of time of ours and sometimes it would hardly prove fruitful. Now, the smartphone has revolutionized the whole scenario ... Read More

Is it true that Subrata Roy got VIP treatment while he was in Jail?

Om Sharma
Answered 3h 28m ago

Yes, it’s true that Subrata Roy, the Sahara India chief, was allowed an air-conditioned room with all the advanced communication facilities for about a year before he was sent back to an ordinary cell in November 2015. He remained in the ordinary cell till he got out on parole. Interestingly, ... Read More

Who started the #MeToo revolution?

Om Sharma
Answered 3h 32m ago

#MeToo. A feminine revolution, which has been a center of conversation in all walks of life from the past a few days. As we all know, the revolution consists of encouraging women to speak about any physical or mental abuse they have gone through in their lives. The motive behind ... Read More

Is Shahid Afridi aging in reverse?

Om Sharma
Answered 3h 31m ago

That's the impression we get when we see the man in action on the cricket field. It also depends to a large extent on the way he carries himself, which is that of a man with hardly any worry in the world. I'm not saying that Afridi is an irresponsible ... Read More

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